Microsoft Powerpoint Foundation

Microsoft Powerpoint training courses, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKCourse Overview

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-requisites: Delegates should be familiar with Microsoft Windows and using the mouse

Aimed at: Users wishing to produce professional presentations with MS PowerPoint

Objectives: On successful completion of the course delegates be able to exploit the benefits of using PowerPoint having gained thorough hands on experience of using its many features.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Starting PowerPoint

Lesson 2: The PowerPoint Main Screen

Lesson 3: Using the Autocontent Wizard To Create A Presentation

  1. Presentation Type
  2. Presentation Style
  3. Presentation Options
  4. The Outline View
  5. Working With Text In Outline View
  6. Editing Slide Text
  7. Promoting, Demoting, And Moving Paragraphs In An Outline
  8. Promoting / Demoting Text
  9. Re-Ordering Slides And Bullet Points
  10. Showing And Hiding Detail
  11. The Summary Slide
  12. Show Formatting

Lesson 4: PowerPoint Views

  1. Slide Sorter View
  2. Slide View

Lesson 5: Adding New Slides To Your Presentation

  1. Adding Clip Art To A Slide

Lesson 6: The Picture Toolbar

Lesson 7: Deleting A Slide

  1. Reordering Your Slides
  2. Change The Order Of Your Slides In Outline View.
  3. Change The Order Of Your Slides In Slide Sorter View

Lesson 8: Refining Your Presentation

  1. Applying Preformatted Designs

Lesson 9: The Slide Master

  1. Changing A Slide Master
  2. The Handout Master
  3. The Notes Page View

Lesson 10: Adding Special Effects To Your Electronic Presentation

  1. Creating A Build Slide
  2. Custom Animation
  3. Animated Chart Effects
  4. Applying A Transition Effect
  5. Preview Your Presentation On-Screen
  6. Slide Show View

Lesson 11: Save Your Presentation

  1. Saving Presentations

Lesson 12: Printing Your Presentation

Lesson 13: Showing Your Presentation On-Screen

  1. To Run A Slide Show

Lesson 14: Setting Slide Timings

  1. To Set Slide Timings While Rehearsing

Further Training:

PowerPoint Intermediate

The above is an outline intended as a guide only; topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content will be tailored to suit client’s needs.

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