Microsoft Word Foundation

microsoft word training course Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, ukCourse Overview

Microsoft Word Training Courses can be tailored to suit your individual needs, plus we can train on site at your premises.

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-requisites: Delegates should have attended a Windows course or have been using Windows for a reasonable length of time. Some typing skill would be an advantage.

Aimed at: First time users of Word people who are self taught. Although this is an introductory course it provides a solid look at the features which need to be mastered to control the major elements of a document. This will increase confidence and productivity amongst users.

Objectives: On successful completion of the course delegates will be able to use Word for Windows to produce and control professionally presented documents.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Word Basics

  1. Starting Word For Windows
  2. Office Assistant
  3. The Word Screen

Lesson 2: Handling Text

  1. Entering Text
  2. Selecting Text
  3. Deleting Text

Lesson 3: Saving Your Documents

  1. The Save Command
  2. The Save As Function
  3. File Names

Lesson 4: Spelling & Grammar Checking

Lesson 5: Printing And Closing The Document

  1. Print Preview
  2. The Print Command
  3. The Close Command
  4. Creating A New Word Document

Lesson 6: Handling Large Amounts Of Text

  1. Moving Around With Edit Commands
  2. Techniques For Selecting Text

Lesson 7: Moving, Copying And Deleting Selected Text

  1. To Copy Text
  2. To Move Text
  3. Using The Office Clipboard
  4. The Undo And Repeat Commands

Lesson 8: Character Formatting Options

  1. The Formatting Toolbar
  2. Emphasis Options Using The Formatting Toolbar
  3. Fonts
  4. Character Spacing
  5. Changing Character Spacing

Lesson 9: Paragraph Formatting Options

  1. Using Indent Markers
  2. Activating The Ruler
  3. Setting And Repeating Indents
  4. Hanging Indents And Line Breaks
  5. Comparing New Paragraphs And New Lines
  6. Creating And Repeating Hanging Indents
  7. Setting Tab Stops
  8. Using Tabs With Text Columns
  9. Left Aligned Tab Stop
  10. Removing A Tab Stop
  11. Right-Aligned Tab Stops
  12. Moving Tab Stops
  13. Creating Columns With Tabs
  14. Paragraph Alignment
  15. Change Paragraph Alignment
  16. Using Left, Centre, Right And Justified Paragraph Alignment
  17. Line Spacing
  18. Changing Line Spacing

Lesson 10: Page Formatting Features

  1. Inserting Page Breaks
  2. Page Headers And Footers

Lesson 11: Tables in Word

  1. Creating A Table
  2. Entering Data In A Table
  3. Editing The Table
  4. Using Tab To Add A Row To The Table
  5. Using The Edit Table Command
  6. Inserting Multiple Rows
  7. Inserting Columns
  8. Deleting Rows And Columns
  9. Using Enter To Lengthen A Cell
  10. Formatting Tables
  11. Using Indents
  12. Increasing And Decreasing Column Widths
  13. Aligning Text Within Cells
  14. Formatting Columns Simultaneously
  15. Placing A Border Around A Table

Lesson 12: Exchanging Data With Excel.

  1. How To Copy From Excel To Microsoft Word

Further Training:

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The above is an outline intended as a guide only; topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content will be tailored to suit client’s needs.

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