Software Development Case Studies

Software Development Case Studies:

Custom Conveyancing App for Harvey Donaldson Gibson (Nationwide Estate Agents) 2017

HDG had an extremely large Excel worksheet with 726 sheets.

Due to the layout of the worksheets there was no benefit to management from this data.

The original idea of the workbook was to provide a record of the outcomes for the many valuations they perform throughout the business year.

The workbook included status reports on the exposure rate of Nationwide accross a site along with other Builder Lender exposure statistics.

The original exposure report had stopped working and was redundant forcing the users to creat new worksheets for each site to calculate the aforemention exposures.

Unfortunately these were often muddied with poor data quality and again formulas with errors.

JEMCO redesigned the workbook to contain only four worksheets.

We recreated the Summary sheet which now provide accurate up to date exposure statistics.

We created an automated Form using visual basic to allow the speedy input of the data avoiding poor quality data entry.

The ability to generate site reports on demand meant the workbook could be kept to a manageable size.

We created a database table which management could now use to interrogate their statistics wich was previously impossible to do.

When fully deployed the estimated time saved per person in completing the form will be 15-20 minutes per valuation.

Perhaps we could do the same for your organisation.

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Year End HR Reporting: Allied Distillers

JEMCO was approached in 200X by Allied distillers staff in Glasgow.

They had a brief to analyse the years HR data on hours worked sickhours and so on.

The deadline for the delivery of the reports was in two days time and they did not know how to proceed in compiling and analysing the data.

A workshop was set up for analysing the data with Excel.

The data, unseen before the workshop was studied and final reports created using advanced level Pivot Tables after some cleaning up of the data.

The entire exercise took 3 hours from first sight of the data to final report production.

The time saved was 6 man days work per annum.

The client was delighted with the outcome.

Perhaps we could do the same for your organisation

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Training and Certification Records database; Diageo

In 2005 JEMCO was requested to create an HR Training records log for staff at Diageo.

The database had to be produced within two weeks to be included within the current financial years budgets.

The brief was to produce an easy to use single user database allowing rapid data entry for the tracking of courses attended and certificates gained with analytical reports pre configured.

The clients IT department would not support MS Access therefore MS Excel had to be utilised.

The end product was delivered within 10 days utilising an MS Excel workbook with custom picklists and macros.

The client was supplied with a fully fledged application allowing rapid data entry with minimal training requirements due to the easy navigation and help information included on the sheets.

The client was delighted with the final application and the speed of response of our service.

The time saved by the utility was estimated at some 24 man days per year.
Perhaps we could do the same for your organisation.

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Custom MS Project Timesheet Extraction Routine: Royal Bank of Scotland

At the time of the request JEMCO were providing MS Project training for the Business Integration Department of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh Head Office.

The department wanted to use MS Project as a timesheet datacapture method for all staff for payment of wages.

JEMCO created a custom view in MS Project allowing users to enter time against project and non-project work in a robust error-free manner.

The data was then extracted to Excel utilising a custom built extraction utilitywhich exported the data directly to Excel in a pre-determined layout for capture by the RBoS accounting system.

The utility allowed the user to choose the project file and date range of the data required for extraction giving a seamless exportation of the data from any view in the package. Error checking for the correct number of hours in the working week was included in the routine.

The Extraction utility was delivered tested and fully functioning within 20 days from the awarding of the contract and was used by some 300+ staff members.

The time saved by the utility was estimated at some 300 man days per year.

Perhaps we could do the same for your organisation.

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