Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKCourse Overview

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-requisites: Delegates should have attended an Excel Advanced course and been using Excel for a substantial length of time. Some typing skill would be an advantage.

Aimed at: Advanced users of Excel for Windows.

Objectives: For the advanced user wishing to make use of the more powerful facilities of Excel made available by VBA. The course explores the VBA language and delegates will be encouraged to write programs to ensure that future editing, amending or updating can be carried out with the minimum of effort

Course Content:


  1. What Is a Macro?
  2. Recording & Running a Macro
  3. Relative References
  4. Assigning Macros To Buttons & Objects
  5. Assigning A Macro To A Button Or Drawn Object On A Sheet

Assigning A Macro To A Button On A Toolbar

  1. Customising A Toolbar
  2. Creating A Toolbar
  3. Button Image Editor
  4. Changing A Buttons Screen Tip

Editing Macros

  1. Visual Basic Editor
  2. Project Explorer
  3. Procedures, Inserting Comments
  4. Printing A Visual Basic Module

The Range Object

  1. Cells & Range Method: Flexible Ranges
  2. Virtual Worksheets: Range Contents

Workbooks And Sheets

  1. Activating A Workbook & Worksheet
  2. This Workbook

Objects, Properties & Methods

  1. Controlling Objects With Their Properties
  2. Performing Actions With Methods
  3. Performing Multiple Actio ns On An Object

Variables And Constants

  1. Variables Data Types & Constants

Control Structures

  1. Conditional & Looping Control Structures
  2. Non-Structured Statements
  3. Sub Procedures

Controls, Dialogue Boxes And Forms

  1. Built In And Predefined Dialogue Boxes
  2. Custom, Worksheet & User Defined Forms
  3. Adding Form Controls
  4. Form Control Properties
  5. Control & Dialogue Box Events
  6. Displaying And Dismissing A User Form

Storing Information

  1. The Windows Registry

Toolbars & Display

  1. About Toolbars & Menus
  2. Customised Menus
  3. Display

Debugging And Error Trapping

  1. Errors, Break Mode; Instant Watch
  2. Stepping & Error Trapping

Worksheet & Workbook Events

  1. Worksheet Object Events
  2. Workbook Object Events

Function Procedures

  1. User Defined Functions

Appendix A Naming Conventions

  1. User Form Controls
  2. Memory Variables

Further Training:

Excel Applications Workshops

The above is an outline intended as a guide only; topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content will be tailored to suit client’s needs.

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