Microsoft Word Training Courses – Intermediate

Microsoft Word Training Courses (Intermediate) in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, ukCourse Overview

Microsoft Word Training Courses can be customised¬†and can be delivered at the client’s own premises if requested.

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-requisites: Delegates should be familiar with Microsoft Word

Aimed at: People wishing to access some of the more advanced features of Word
Objectives: By the end of the course delegates should be able to make use of existing Templates and create user-defined templates for any business function. This includes the handling of graphics in frames and related topics.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Templates

  1. Opening An Existing Template
  2. The Formatting Toolbar And Style Box
  3. Creating A New Template

Lesson 3: Styles

  1. Creating A New Style
  2. Font
  3. Character Spacing
  4. Paragraphs
  5. Indents And Spacing
  6. Line And Page Breaks
  7. Saving Templates
  8. Borders And Shading.

Lesson 4: Language Command.

Lesson 5: Bullets And Numbering

  1. Bulleted Tab
  2. Removing A Bullet
  3. Using Bullets In A Style
  4. Numbered Tab

Lesson 6: Multilevel Numbering

Lesson 7: Working In Outline View

  1. Outline A Document
  2. Organise A New Document In Outline View
  3. Work On An Outline Using Shortcut Keys

Lesson 8: Design And Build A Table Of Contents

Lesson 9: Organizer

Lesson 10: Inserting Breaks And Section Breaks

  1. Page Breaks
  2. Section Breaks

Lesson 11: Adding Graphics To Text

  1. Importing Clips
  2. Scaling Graphics
  3. Formatting Pictures

Lesson 12: Macros

  1. Using Macros To Automate Tasks
  2. Programming Specifications
  3. Record, Run, And Edit Macros
  4. Record A Macro
  5. Before You Start
  6. Run A Macro

Lesson 13: Comments And Tracking Changes

  1. Reviewing Comments
  2. Tracking Changes
  3. Accepting And Rejecting Changes

Lesson 14: Mail Merge

  1. The Main Document
  2. The Data Document
  3. Creating A Mail Merge Document
  4. Creating The Data Document
  5. Entering Source Data
  6. Completing A Main Document
  7. Merging Data To The Main Document
  8. Creating Labels
  9. Creating An Auto Text Entry
  10. Using An Autotext Item

Lesson 15: Autotext

Further Training:

Word Advanced, Graphics and workshops on more advanced topics are available.

The above is an outline intended as a guide only; topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content will be tailored to suit client’s needs.

Contact John Cowie on 0791 787 4739 to book your course, or use our enquiry form to send us a message.